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Diamonds! Diamonds! Diamonds! Curious about what they are? What you can do with them? How much they are worth?  Where can you get some? Do you think you have one but not sure? Why are some worth more than others? If these questions have ever crossed your mind please keep reading on. We have all heard and seen them, but not many have actually developed knowledge about what a diamond is and how its valued. We would like to share a little knowledge with everyone. At DJP Diamonds Houston, TX you can come and get your gemstones inspected and verbally appraised for FREE! We love people, so come to our store and get knowledge about what you own. Diamonds, Rubies, Emeralds and more. Don’t know if your stone is real or not? Come to our store and find out. We have the latest industry technology to give you the best appraisals and answers. Do you have a diamond and want to cash out on it? Come to DJP Diamonds Houston, TX. We will buy your diamonds on the spot. We can always pay cash, check, Zelle, wire, or however is in your best convenience. Houston Diamond buyers and sellers. DJP Diamonds, come in store at 2401 Fountain View Rd  STE 100 Houston, TX 77057 Give us a call: (832) 244-7772 Visit our site: Want to buy high end jewelry at not a high end price? Come to DJP Diamonds, We have a storefront with thousands of jewelry pieces to choose from. There is something for everyone! We offer easy financing as well.
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