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Don’t like the engagement ring? Here’s how you can handle the situation

When your partner opens the box and says those four words you’ve been waiting to hear, “Will you marry me?” you can hardly hold back a tear. Of course, you say yes, but you can’t seem to take your gaze away from the ring in the box, and it’s not in a nice way. Simply said, the ring isn’t your style. What are your options now?

Take a big breath first. It happens more frequently than you may believe, and you are not a bad person for disliking the ring. It’s acceptable if males don’t get it right all of the time. Relax, enjoy the moment, and keep reading for our top 5 suggestions for what to do if you’re unhappy with your engagement ring.

Give it a chance

Give it some time if your engagement ring isn’t quite what you expected. Even if it isn’t love at first sight, the ring may grow on you. We’ve all had the experience of receiving something that wasn’t quite what we expected but that we fell in love with after a few days. This might happen with your engagement ring, so hold on tight and don’t make any decisions you’ll come to regret.

Instead of focusing on the ring’s appearance, attempt to figure out why your partner chose that particular ring for you. It’s possible that the sentiment behind it will outweigh your sentiments about the ring.

Deal with the conversation gently

Talk to your partner if you’re still dissatisfied with your engagement ring. Gently begin the dialogue. Tell your lover how happy you are to be engaged and how much you value them. Let them know you enjoyed the event, but the ring isn’t right for you. Inquire if you and they can collaborate on a solution. Even if you despise the ring, refrain from disrespecting it. Maintain an optimistic attitude.

Think of modifying it

Consider what it is about your engagement ring that you don’t like. Is it an out-of-date family heirloom? Is the setting incorrect? It’s possible to alter the ring to suit your preferences. If it’s a family heirloom, ask your partner if it’s acceptable if you make a few changes to make it more personal to you. Replace the setting, add a halo, remove the side stones, replace the side stones, and change the setting. If changing the style of your engagement ring isn’t an option, you may still choose a wedding band that complements the engagement ring’s style.


If you are displeased with the ring, some vendors provide a 30-day return policy. If you and your partner have decided to replace your ring with one that better meets your tastes, have them verify the return policy. It’s possible that a restocking or return fee will apply, so keep that in mind.


If exchanging or customising your ring isn’t an option, you can always sell it and use the proceeds to purchase a more suitable ring. When selling an engagement ring, it’s crucial to look into all of your options because not all of them offer the same level of value or security. When selling a precious item like an engagement ring, it’s better to sell to a trustworthy jewellery buyer who knows what they’re doing.

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