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Everything you need to know about selling gold jewellery

If you’ve been following the gold market, you’re undoubtedly wondering why gold is so precious at the moment. To begin with, it has a great deal to do with our current economic condition. During economic downturns, gold has a long history of being valuable and sought after. If you’re considering of profiting from your gold investments, there are a few things you should be aware of first.

Why is gold so valuable?

Safe Investment – Historically, gold has been regarded as a safe refuge for investors in times of crisis or uncertainty. As more investors become concerned about financial stability as a result of the current coronavirus outbreak, gold has maintained its status as a safe haven.

Stable – Something that is safe is usually also stable. This is still the case with gold. Gold’s price is not affected by external causes or currencies, and it is usually immune to inflation. Gold is a long-term investment since it is less volatile than other currencies and assets.

Weaker currency – When the value of the US dollar falls, the value of gold rises. Due to the current economic instability, assets such as gold have become more appealing to investors. Gold becomes less expensive as the currency weakens, as we are experiencing right now.

Less supply – You always want what you can’t have, as the adage goes. This is true for gold as well. Many gold mines have been forced to close as a result of the worldwide pandemic, resulting in a reduced supply of gold. Gold’s value has soared due to a lack of supply and a surge in demand.

Hype – The more gold is discussed in the media, the more coveted it gets. When gold prices start to rise, financial media sources start to pay greater attention to it. This increased exposure usually results in more investor interest, which fuels demand even more.

What to expect when selling?

With gold in such great demand, now is the ideal time to cash in on your gold jewellery. It is critical to find a reliable buyer when selling gold jewellery. There are a lot of venues to sell gold, but not all of them are the same. It’s critical to look into all of your selling choices to guarantee you get the most money for your gold jewellery. A trustworthy gold buyer should have extensive industry experience, be licensed, and have a history of successful and honest operations.

What type of gold can you sell?

The majority of gold customers prefer yellow, white, or rose gold jewellery and avoid gold plated or costume jewellery. We buy a variety of precious metals including gold like:

  • Gold Bullions
  • Gold Coins
  • Gold jewellery

How to sell?

It’s simple to sell your gold jewellery to DJP Diamonds:

Step 1: Describe your gold, silver, or other valuable metal. A tentative offer will be sent to you.

Step 2: If you appreciate our offer and live in the area, we’d delighted to meet you and validate the information you gave online. If you live outside of the Houston area, we have an extremely secure mail-in process that protects your goods from the minute it leaves your doorstep, as well as video surveillance at our shop.

Step 3: You are paid in full via certified check or wire transfer right away. It is all up to you.

DJP Diamonds is an authentic & trusted Gold, Silver And Diamond Jewellery Buyer in Houston. Visit our store or contact us today.

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