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“I’m seeking for a local jewellery appraiser.” Does this ring a bell? We get a lot of these queries, as well as customers who are concerned about the credibility of different appraisers. A reputable jewellery evaluation is essential whether you want to sell your jewellery or merely determine its value.

Let’s start with a definition of what a jewellery appraisal is. The process of a skilled professional evaluating and determining the value of your jewellery is known as jewellery appraisal. How can you tell whether you’re getting a legitimate jewellery appraisal?

Regardless of whether you’re looking for a “jewellery appraiser near me” or an online jewellery assessment, every jewellery appraisal should include the following:

A detailed description

Brand, size, colour, and unique identifiers should all be included in an exceptionally complete description of the item being appraised. This would be sufficient information for the item to be identified by whoever reads the description. For insurance purposes, a full description from the appraisal is also essential.


Although images are not needed, having them on hand is always a good idea. Having an object photographed reduces the likelihood of it being stolen or misplaced. Photographs aid in the identification and replacement of the missing item. When selling a piece of jewellery, having photographs is also beneficial. This will assist the buyer in determining whether or not the appraisal pertains to the jewellery being offered.


The appraisal’s value should be based on current market worth. It’s tempting to exaggerate the value of an object you wish to sell, but doing so can invalidate the evaluation. Inflating the price will do more harm than good, such as raising premiums without providing more coverage in the event the item is lost or stolen. In the event that the jewellery is lost, the evaluated value will be sufficient to cover the expense. Furthermore, while selling your jewellery, the appraiser will most likely be familiar with the current market and will not accept an exaggerated appraisal.


In general, if you’re assessing for insurance purposes, it’s a good idea to factor in sales tax. However, not all appraisers will factor in sales tax when determining the value of a home. This is something you should think about and discuss with the appraiser. If the jewellery is being appraised primarily for the intention of selling it, there is no need to include sales tax in the price. In this situation, the appraiser will concentrate on the item’s current market value.

Treatment Information

Most treatments done to jewellery must be disclosed to the consumer, according to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) in the United States. Treatments are any treatments other than cutting and polishing that are used to improve the appearance of a gemstone. Heating, bleaching, dyeing, fracture or cavity filling, surface coating, and other treatments are common. This information must be included in the appraisal.

There are several businesses in your area where you may obtain a jewellery appraisal, but do your research to pick a reliable one. The top appraisers are usually independent of a jewellery store and have the necessary credentials and experience. These appraisers have an excellent reputation and do not buy or sell jewels. If you’re not sure where to start, look at their internet reviews or their Better Business Bureau rating.

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