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Embrace the Essence of Philadelphia with an Elegant Gemstone Experience at ‘Philadelphia Gemstone Enthusiasts.’ We meticulously curate a world of timeless beauty, selecting each gemstone with precision to align with your distinct style.

Our experts possess an intimate understanding of gemstone intricacies, dedicating themselves to offering exquisite pieces that transcend ordinary accessories. From exclusive gemstone collections to personalized consultations, we elevate your Philadelphia style. Embark on a gemstone journey with us in Philadelphia, where elegance merges seamlessly with individuality, crafting a lasting impression that mirrors your impeccable taste.

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DJP Diamonds: Elevating Philadelphia's Gemstone Experience

Philadelphia’s Gemstone Treasure Awaits at DJP Diamonds. We deeply appreciate the sentimental and intrinsic worth of your gemstones. Our unwavering commitment to excellence ensures you receive personalized, exceptional service.

Our gemstone experts possess profound insights, delivering expert appraisals and equitable valuations. This Philadelphia, choose DJP Diamonds as your trusted partner in celebrating the season’s vibrancy. We’re dedicated to helping you unlock the true worth of your cherished gemstones, making your Philadelphia truly remarkable. Elevate your gemstone journey with us—a perfect blend of expertise, elegance, and uniqueness.

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We offer the most competitive rates on the market for your merchandise.

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With over 40 years of expertise, you will receive the best appraisal in the business.

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Customer satisfaction is our primary goal, and we offer nothing but the best, dedicated service here in the heart of Philadelphia.

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We continuously strive to become our customer’s buyer of choice for all jewelry, diamondsgold, watches, and precious metals. To achieve that, DJP Diamonds is committed to offering the best price to our customers in Philadelphia. In addition, we take pride in providing extended customer service above and beyond the industry standard. Once you are our customer, we make sure you are provided with unparalleled customer service.

DJP Diamonds has a stellar reputation within the diamond industry. This reputation is the force behind our continuously growing customer base. Currently, DJP Diamonds can affirm that we have over 13,500 accounts, including the USA and international-based jewelry retail stores, jewelry wholesalers, jewelry designers, and diamond dealers, a majority of the members of the JBT.

We strongly believe that our services, dedication, and professionalism can meet the highest expectations of every customer and/or partner.

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Gemstone Sales and Beyond, Right Here!

Welcome to Philadelphia, where we celebrate your gemstone treasures. At ‘Yours,’ we blend expertise and a genuine love for precious stones, ensuring a seamless, reliable experience. Our team recognizes your gemstones’ special significance and is committed to offering equitable valuations and outstanding service.

This Philadelphia season, entrust your cherished gemstones to us and unveil their genuine worth. Celebrate with confidence, knowing ‘Yours’ experts are your trusted companions in your gemstone journey.

Discover Philadelphia's Gemstone Sanctuary for a Refined Experience

Philadelphia’s Gemstone Lovers, Unite! Our hub is where your passion for these precious gems finds exceptional service. We’re wholeheartedly devoted to crafting an extraordinary experience, celebrating the individuality of gemstones. Our experts possess an in-depth understanding of these treasures, offering expert appraisals and personalized consultations. In Philadelphia, entrust us as your foremost gemstone destination, where your contentment is our paramount concern. Join us in celebrating the splendor of gemstones and embark on an unforgettable gemstone journey in true Philadelphia style.

DJP Diamonds your #1 choice for selling silver coins, bullion, jewelry, and other silver items.

Free Gemstone Appraisals in Philadelphia

Welcome to Philadelphia, where we celebrate the season of renewal with a special offer: Free Gemstone Appraisals. At our establishment, we understand the significance of your gemstones. Our experts, driven by passion, offer complimentary appraisals to help you uncover the value of your treasured pieces.

Whether you’re curious about a gem’s worth or considering a sale, our appraisal service ensures transparency and satisfaction. Join us in embracing the beauty of Philadelphia, as we illuminate the world of gemstones, one appraisal at a time.

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The current market is very competitive. And in this competitiveness, we are proud to say that we come under the highest paying firm as a diamond buyer Philadelphia. We appraise and buy all kinds of jewelry.

Furthermore, we offer fair prices to our customers. That is why our business is well recognized in Philadelphia which helps us grow our customer base.

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DJP Diamonds your #1 choice for selling silver coins, bullion, jewelry, and other silver items.

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DJP Diamonds buy jewelry of all kinds ranging from rings, and necklaces to bracelets and earrings.​


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It is the leading jewelry buyer in Philadelphia. With over 40 years of experience and success, DJP Diamonds happily serves Philadelphia as its premier jewelry buyer. Our expertise allows us to properly appraise your jewelry, diamonds, or precious metals and give you the best competitive value for your merchandise.

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It is advisable to book an appointment before coming to us to make the process faster. However, you can also walk in straight to our store without booking an appointment.

We are licensed and certified jewelers and you can trust us without any hesitation We have the experience and expertise in the jewelry-buying business that gives us an edge over others.

Our strong point is that we determine the true value of your jewelry piece and pay a little more than any other diamond-buying business which gives us an edge over others.

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