Wedding Rings

Love sealed in precious circles, forever entwined.

Wedding Rings

Unlock the Value of Your Wedding Ring

Sell your wedding ring for top dollar and get paid fast. We pay higher than middlemen because we are an international jewelry wholesaler. We need your jewelry for our inventory, and we are willing to pay the highest value for it. Visit our comfortable office in Houston for a free professional appraisal.
Honest Appraisal of Your Wedding Ring

Sell Your Wedding Ring In Houston

Our office is a welcoming environment, free from any pressure to sell. While middlemen may hustle or bully customers into selling their jewelry, we believe in honest appraisals accompanied by the highest possible offer. Evaluations are always free, with no obligation.

Go-betweens have margins to keep. They need to buy your watch low before selling it to a wholesale operation. Cut them out of the deal and make more money. We are the wholesaler, and we want to deal with you directly. We will offer you the most for your wedding ring and pay you for it fast. Schedule a free appraisal with a professional buyer.

Found Out How Much Your Wedding Ring Is Worth

To find out how much your wedding ring is worth, come by our office or schedule an appraisal. We have buyers standing by, happy and ready to look at your wedding ring. Our jewelry buyers have the training to offer an accurate assessment of worth. They have the approval to make an offer based on the maximum value of your ring.

If you change your mind about selling, feel free to hold on to your wedding ring. We understand it may take time to make your decision, and we want you to feel confident trusting DJP Diamonds with your heirlooms and preloved jewelry. Keep your appraisal at no charge as our gift to you.

The Best Place To Sell A Wedding Ring IN Houston

DJP Diamonds is one of Houston’s premier buyers. We buy wedding rings at the highest prices to fill our constant and growing demand. We have built our reputation as an honest, reliable wedding ring buyer by always taking care of our suppliers — customers just like you. Experience the DJP Diamonds difference for yourself.

Our office is a open, pleasant and warm environment. Whether you are selling your ring or a hand-me-down, our goal is to ensure you feel comfortable and welcome. Let us take a look at your ring, then receive an offer and take your time making your decision. When you are ready, we will move fast to get you paid.

Contact DJP Diamonds For Wedding Ring Appraisals

If you have a wedding ring you are looking to sell, get the most money for it. With over 25 years of experience in the industry, we have the resources to give you maximum value for your wedding ring and other valuables. We believe honest appraisals and excellent customer care are the best ways to do business. Schedule an appraisal at DJP Diamonds today or call (832) 721-7261.

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