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Things you should know about recycled sterling silver

In recent years, there has been something of a recycling movement, with everything from vinyl records to circuit boards finding new life in the marketplace. Recycling items like plastic and paper is second nature to us, but how does precious metal recycling work? Can fine silver be recycled because it comes from nonrenewable natural resources?

Read on to know more about recycled silver and why it is important to switch to them now.

What is recycled silver?

Sterling silver that has been recycled is precious silver that has been recovered from discarded metal goods. After being removed from the other metals it was mixed with, the silver is melted down and reused to create new silver goods. Get the lowdown on everything sterling silver here if you’re not sure what sterling silver implies.

Is the purity maintained in recycling?

That’s for sure! In the process of recovering sterling silver from used sterling silver products, no purity is lost. The silver clod left behind from the process is still pure silver. If you recycle 925 sterling silver jewellery, you’ll get 92.5 percent pure silver.

Can recycling help in less CO2 emissions?

Absolutely. When it comes to metal recycling, such methods can save a significant amount of energy and reduce carbon emissions. Companies who use recycled aluminium save 95 percent more energy than companies that use raw resources for creating aluminium products.

Metal mining consumes a tremendous amount of electricity and energy, not to mention the continual smelting and processing procedures, all of which create greenhouse gases. Metal recycling can reduce harmful emissions that contribute to global warming by 300 to 500 million tonnes. It’s no different when it comes to recycling sterling silver.

Can it save flora and fauna?

Yes for both. Thousands of acres of land in the Amazon rain forest are consumed by metal miners. Countless trees have been chopped and destroyed to make room throughout the years. Deforestation destroys complicated plant and wildlife ecosystems, habitats are lost, and both animal and plant life perishes as a result of deforestation. It’s also not simply the Amazon jungle. There are irreversible environmental repercussions wherever metals are mined.

How can I recycle my silver jewellery?

Quite simply. You’d be surprised how many items in our homes may be recycled for silver, including coins, gadgets, kitchenware, even pictures. Look online for local gold and silver dealers where you can bring your old silver pieces (check their website or call first to see what they accept) and your silver items will be melted down and repurposed in no time, earning you money in the process.

Silver jewellery can also be sold to jewellers who will melt it down and recast it into new pieces. You might even donate your jewellery collection to any number of charity shops if you’re feeling charitable.

Do any jewellery brands use recycled silver?

DJP Diamonds is proud to announce the launch of a new recycled sterling silver commitment. In the not-too-distant future, we want all of our metals to be recycled metals. We currently recycle our own jewellery whenever feasible, which means that end of lines, surplus, damaged goods, samples, and other products are all returned to our professional silversmiths to be melted down and reused.

DJP Diamonds is a trusted jewellery store which also offers to buyand sell recycled jewellery in Houston. Contact us or visit our store today to know more.

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