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Top jewellery trends of 2021 you should not miss!

While jewellery has long been (and continues to be) given as a gift, it isn’t the only way for women to acquire it. In fact, women account for around 75% of all jewellery purchases. It’s a fantastic opportunity to show your independence, indulge yourself, and purchase something you’ll use.

You’ll need to know some of the top fashion jewellery trends for 2021 to acquire yourself the best possible present. Continue reading to discover about some of the pieces you should get yourself the next time you feel like you deserve a treat.

Charm bracelets and necklaces

In middle and high school, charm jewellery was worn by almost everyone. We all expected that these patterns would remain a nostalgic part of our past, no matter how lovingly we remembered them. This summer, though, Gossip Girl star Blake Lively revived this childhood favourite.

However, you might wish to give charm necklaces a mature twist. Choose from Swarovski crystals, hand-painted glass beads, or tiny gemstone charms to create a stunning charm. These are sophisticated enough that you can wear them in both professional and social contexts without feeling out of place.

Ankle bracelets/Anklets

Ankle bracelets, talking of confidence, are a great way to inject some self-assurance into your look. The majority of them have some fantastic little charms, such as the love charm on our paperclip anklet or the gemstone on a personalised birthstone anklet. Anklet charms such as initial discs and little beads are also fantastic choices.

However, you are not required to wear a charm on your anklet. A simple three-strand anklet or twist chain is an excellent way to look both understated and sophisticated.

Adjustable chains

Whether you want to wear your lovely chain around your neck or around your ankle, an adjustable chain is the way to go. Most ankle bracelets in our collection include adjustable chains, so you won’t have to worry about that.

Regardless of the charm kind, you’ll want to go with a twist adjustable chain for your necklace. This chain is highly detailed and refined, but it is still thin enough to not take attention from your necklace’s focal feature.

Zodiac Jewellery

Every year, the zodiac signs become more and more popular. People are no longer merely interested in the star sign under which they were born. They’re researching sun signs, moon signs, and other astrological signs in order to acquire their horoscope and recommendations.

If you fit this description, a zodiac pendant is the way to go. All 12 signs are available on fashionable rectangular pendants and circular medallions. You can put your sign on an excellent Twist chain by selecting the best solution for you according on the specifics of your sign.

Statement neckpieces

Statement necklaces are exactly that—pieces that serve as the main point of an ensemble. Large, bold, and adventurous necklaces are best worn in social situations such as nights out with friends or first dates. When people look at you, they see a lot of personality and a lot of punch.

To glam up your clothes, these accessories are quite large and use some clunky crystals and gemstones. Remember to pair your favourite striking necklace with a matching basic dress or blouse. You don’t want the necklace to be overshadowed by your dress.

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