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Want to get her a diamond jewellery which is pure but ethical? Know how!

How do you sift through all the alternatives to choose an ethical engagement ring when so many people in the jewellery industry make ethical and eco-friendly claims about their products? Here are some pointers to ensure that your ring satisfies all of the criteria for being ethically made with sustainably sourced materials.

B Corp certification

B Corporation certification is held by only a few fine jewellery firms that sell conflict-free engagement rings. What is the significance of this? Certified B Corporations are enterprises that balance profit and purpose by meeting the highest criteria of verifiable social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability. B Corps are speeding up a global cultural transformation that will redefine economic success and help to create a more equitable and sustainable economy. The certification process includes a detailed examination of the company’s operations, vendors, and corporate philosophy.

Recycled diamonds and gemstones

There is no way to buy a conflict-free newly mined diamond, despite assurances to the contrary. There is always some form of destruction, whether it be to the world or to humanity. Make sure you only buy from companies who sell Lab Grown Diamonds, which are true 100% crystallised carbon diamonds grown in a lab, or Recycled Diamonds, which are previously worn earth-mined diamonds that have been reintroduced into the diamond market.

Go for recycled metals

Only buy from firms who recycle 100 percent of their metals. Recycled precious metals are of the same high quality as newly mined metals, but without the environmental damage that new mining causes. Metal mining, in particular gold mining, is one of the most environmentally damaging types of mining, requiring 20 tonnes of ore to create enough gold for a single ring. Furthermore, it is regarded as one of the most corrupt industries.

Company’s mission

Is there anything the firm you’re buying from does that goes above and beyond just carrying recycled metals and diamonds? Check to see if there is a component of giving back to the environment or humanity, whether through charity, volunteer hours, or donations to other causes. Companies that go above and beyond the basic minimum are the ones who usually inspire true industry transformation.

Valid grading certificate

Check to see if your lab-grown diamond has been certified by a respected organisation like the IGI, GIA, or GCAL. These certifications are done separately, and the certificate includes information on who cultivated the diamond and where it was grown. Some companies selling lab grown diamonds are selling them uncertified in order to save money for themselves and the consumer. However, by doing so, they may be sacrificing quality, so only buy from companies who sell certified lab produced diamonds.

Is the Kimberely process enough?

If you inquire for a conflict-free diamond at any jewellery store that sells earth-mined diamonds, they will inform you that their diamonds are certified through the Kimberely Process. However, this is insufficient. The major issue is that the conflict-diamond definition is too limited. A conflict diamond, according to the KPCS, is a “rough diamond mined in an area held by insurgent forces and used to finance war.” This means that in order to mine that diamond, someone may have been enslaved, tortured, raped, beaten, or killed, and it is promoted to you as a conflict-FREE diamond since it did not directly fuel a war.

DJP Diamonds are ethical Recycled Diamond Buyers in the USA in Houston. We encourage everyone to be a responsible consumer and take a few additional steps to guarantee they are buying a product they can trust and love for the rest of their lives. Visit our store for more information.

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