lab-grown diamonds

Why are lab-grown diamonds gaining more popularity over mined ones?

Do you enjoy wearing jewellery? Are you one of the 73 percent of millennials who wish to shop in a more environmentally friendly way? More and more customers are willing to spend a little extra to ensure that their high-quality items are produced in an ethical manner.

Historically, many jewels have had a murky past. The industry has seen it everything, from conflict diamonds to stones mined in unethical ways. Thankfully, things are changing. To safeguard both our planet and its inhabitants.

We can now make stones in the lab thanks to amazing new technologies. Lab produced diamonds are one of these miraculous inventions. Continue reading to learn why lab-created diamonds are the way of the future.

More ethical

Even if a diamond claims to be conflict-free and not used to fuel corrupt governments or violence, there is no way to be certain.

You also have no idea whether the miners who mine your natural diamond are fairly compensated or handled decently. Many nations where diamonds are found naturally lack regulations prohibiting child labour or enforcing rigorous minimum wage or worker safety standards.

Ethical diamonds are gaining popularity, and we will never return to the dark days of unethical diamond extraction.

Environment friendly

Diamond mining has a severe negative influence on the environment. After all, digging up the dirt to get a stone isn’t the most environmentally friendly method. To find a single diamond, hundreds of tonnes of dirt must be moved.

This disrupts local ecosystems and may result in the eviction of species and communities. Diamond mining has the potential to harm local water sources. When rocks are shifted, minerals might be discovered, causing the water to become contaminated.

A lab grown diamond may be created in a matter of days and requires far less energy than an artificial diamond. As a result, lab-grown diamonds have a much lower carbon footprint.

Less expensive

Diamonds created in a lab have the same qualities and excellent quality as mined diamonds, but they are less expensive. On their way to the store, mined diamonds pass through several hands, with each party taking a percentage of the ultimate price.

A lab made diamond has fewer individuals engaged in its creation, which means there are fewer people who need to be paid. As a result, the price for the end user is reduced.

Diamond never goes off trend

Do you want to make a fashion statement? It’s better to say it in diamonds. Do you want to give a present that will last forever? Diamonds are flawless. They are a mark of class and last endlessly.

Diamonds are the most commonly used gemstone in engagement rings. For generations, this magnificent stone has symbolised love.

Consumers are more conscious

Do you really want your lovely diamond to have a murky past? This stone should not be associated with unethical actions or shady origins. As a result, lab-grown diamonds are the way of the future.

We need to modify the way commodities are created as customer demands shift toward more transparent supply chains and manufacturer responsibility.

Innovative technologies that produce lab-grown diamonds can assist us in taking critical steps toward a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future.

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