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DJP Diamonds is family owned enterprise operating in Houston, United States, with the philosophy to provide guaranteed best price and quality service for your diamonds. When people of think selling old jewelry with diamonds, DJP Diamonds should be their first choice as we have expertise in buying all kinds of diamonds. We are always looking to enrich the jewelry selling experience with top level customer service by paying them a fair and reasonable price with adequate knowledge on the stone they are trying to sell. We have extensive knowledge about diamonds of all kinds and the necessary equipment required to make you free appraisals and estimates so you have the right knowledge to take a decision on selling.


We are interested in purchasing all kinds of diamonds, no matter what the size is, GIA Certified and EGL USA Certified, we will buy it. Our offers to your diamonds are determined by the quality, size and the cut of the diamond. We buy diamonds in:

  • Estate Jewelry.
  • Broken Jewelry.
  • Gold With Diamonds.
  • Engagement Rings.
  • Tennis Bracelets.
  • Class Rings With Diamonds.
  • Wedding Bands.
  • Brand Names (Tiffany, David Yurman etc.)
  • Loose Diamonds.
  • Diamonds In Brooches & Antique Jewelry.
  • Platinum Jewelry With Diamonds.


Our mission is clear and simple, cut out the middleman and get the maximum value for your diamond whether it is loose or embedded in jewelry which is why we always welcome you to bring your diamonds for free appraisals.

Best Value Diamond Buyers

We Pay The Highest


Since many people are not aware about the ideal cut of diamonds, we recut most of the diamonds in the best way to bring maximum light that comes in to the stone giving it the best shine and spark. We deal with all kinds of customers. Our main customers are the Pawn Shops having jewelry containing diamonds even of the smallest size (0.01 ct); Jewelry Shops, looking to sell left over diamonds and having a hard time in the market to get fair price; Coins Shops, cash from gold companies and anyone who buys gold from streets.

DJP Diamonds Team

DJP Sales Team


Your buyer should not be able to complete the transaction immediately but should also have the ability to give you best prices. It is only possible when the buyer has the access to diamond markets and re-sell the diamonds they buy from customers. Our team comes with strong connections in the market with updated knowledge along with 40+ years of experience in the field to place you with the best offers and reliable services. We will never take advantage of your situation and we will always offer you a fair price.

Make The right Choice

Make The Right Choice


Not sure where to take your diamond for estimate? Book an appointment with us and get free appraisals and instant offers from our expert valuation team. We pay top dollars for your diamonds immediately by cash or check and exchange your diamonds with ours. The entire process is simple from scheduling appointment to getting cash. Moreover we guarantee to you a no obligation, stress free consultation as well as the highest value on the market for your diamonds and jewelry. Don't Just Sale Do it Right.

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