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Our aim at DJP – Houston Diamond Jewelry Buyers is to offer you efficient, respectful, and truthful diamond buying services. We offer faster, more precise, and higher assured evaluations than any other diamond jewelry buyers in Houston, TX. Our mission is to meet all of your jewelry needs while upholding the highest ethical standards in the business.

We have built a solid reputation for delivering diamond jewelry buying services with the highest cash values after years of doing so. Since many of our new customers are referred by previous ones, our service and level of customer satisfaction are top-notch. Even if your item isn’t mentioned here, we will still give you the highest monetary value for it.

DJP Diamonds: Your Trusted Diamond Buyers for All Shapes and Sizes
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Rely on Our Professional Assessment for Precise Valuation of Your Jewelry and Watches.

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There are numerous ways to choose improperly when choosing a diamond jewelry buyer in Houston, TX. A persistent sense of regret over the entire transaction results from getting it wrong, which might result in paying less than the worth or even feeling uncomfortable during the buying process. It is suggested to do it in the right manner. You receive the maximum market value. Take a decision with confidence and more money in your pocket because you were well-informed about the situation.

At DJP Diamonds – a renowned Houston Diamond Buyers consistently offers clients the most price for their broken diamonds. Our team of Houston diamond jewelry buyers have knowledge required to assess jewelry and provide a reasonable yet realistic price. Our free appraisals give our customers the chance to assess their desire to sell their precious belongings in a risk-free setting. If you decide not to sell, it won’t be a problem because we’ll never pressure you. Our knowledge is most valuable asset; we know how to assess jewelry, how to best restore it, and how to do repairs. Amongst all Diamond Buyers in Houston TX we make the best appraisal and offer thanks to all for this knowledge.

Our experienced team of diamond appraisers follow below qualifying criteria.

Mass and Class

The primary parameters that every Houston diamond jewelry buyers refer are four Cs – Color, Clarity, Carat and Cut Grade for appraisal.

Identifying Metal Setting

Provided it is not a loose diamond than it is crucial to identify metal setting to define a diamond’s value.

Brand and Mark Up

It is not a crucial factor but it is subjective because the user preference may differ for diamond manufacturer over another.

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We are well-known Houston diamond jewelry buyers trusted and licensed in the industry. We are leader of diamond buyers in Houston, TX with 40+ years of experience. Our experienced team are highly trained and skilled with the expertise in assessing and evaluating precious diamonds that pays you better price always.

Regardless you are keen to sell diamonds or diamond jewelry in Houston, we are certified to get you the right evaluation of your precious stone. With no limitation of the condition of your diamonds we are happy to offer No Cost appraisal. Feel free to bring unsolicited diamonds to get the highest price of your stone. Once the given offer is accepted, we assure the immediate payment.

We strongly believe that our services, dedication, and professionalism can meet the highest expectations of every customer and/or partner.

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Get High Value on Your Diamond with Our Experience

With consistent 4 decades of experience being a diamond jewelry buyer in Houston we have expertise in this field. In these 40 years we have worked with thousands of clients and serve them with a great price. Our team understand that selling a diamond can be a daunting task. We are making efforts to make your journey seamless by paying the highest value for it. We are providing wide range of selections for our customers interested to cash out their diamond jewelry from us. Wait no more to reach out and ask for a free appraisal.

Top-Notch Diamond Buying Service in Houston

We are #1 Houston Diamond Jewelry Buyers which is a one-stop shop for all our clients. DJP Diamonds is a physical store in Houston, Texas so customer can visit us during their free time to get the free appraisal of their precious stones. Our team always prefer to take the appointment for free evaluation but are always open to talk with walk-in customers.

DJP Diamonds your #1 choice for selling silver coins, bullion, jewelry, and other silver items.

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The prices offered by us on the valuable diamond jewelry is always highest than any other competitor. In the competitive market we pride to be diamond buyer in Houston, TX that pays maximum price.
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Being a renowned Houston Jewelry Buyer, we are ready to assist our valuable customers to the best possible way. The team is ready to evaluate the precious stone no longer in use that makes space into your jewelry box to buy new collection. With the help from experienced and licensed evaluators it allows us to appraise antique diamonds with cuts hassle-free. Connect with us to get you the best price surety.

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DJP Diamonds your #1 choice for selling silver coins, bullion, jewelry, and other silver items.

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DJP Diamonds buy jewelry of all kinds ranging from rings, and necklaces to bracelets and earrings.​


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We are a proud Diamond Buyers in Houston, TX that are generous with our offers on jewelry appraisal. Additionally, we are family-owned and operated with 40+ years of experience in the industry which makes us unique by all means. Our customers get paid immediately and on-time. We help you to cut the middle men by selling diamond jewelry to a buyer in Houston, TX

DJP Diamonds has years of industry experience in dealing with precious stones.  We buy diamonds from public and recut the diamond stones to resell it back in to the buyers. Additionally, with strong business connections we can pay better prices for diamonds.

We are reputed diamond jewelry buyers in Houston with the best quality and size. When we make an offer to buy valuable items we look at the monetary value and pays you the highest price for it.

Ideally, we are a diamond buyer in Houston, TX that purchase diamonds with certificate. If in case you don’t own it we can still buy it but with proper evaluation by our team of experts.

We always prefer welcoming our valued customers with prior appointments. This will make the evaluation process faster and the representative will be available to attend you. Feel free to schedule a free appointment today.

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