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We are the most trusted gold buyers in Houston, TX, and offer the best price for your gold, whether it is unusable or out of fashion. Now you can get instant cash in return for your gold or gold jewelry. It is a wise decision to sell your unused jewelry so you can make some money out of it.

You can trust our secured payment procedure, which makes us the most reliable in Houston. We know the importance of the confidentiality of payments for the safety of our customers as well. We understand the urgent need for money when there are bills and rents to pay, and sometimes for the happiness of your family. That’s why we help you get quick cash returns on your gold. We are gold and silver buyers in Houston, so that pays a better price.

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With years of experience and expertise, you can get an accurate appraisal and a fair price for your gold.

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DJP Diamonds is known for its excellence in assessing the quality of gold and offering the best price according to market trends. It is the ultimate choice for you if you are looking for the best gold buyers in Houston. Our experts will provide a quote for your gold and will never pressure you to sell it. The final decision will be yours. You can take your gold back if you do not want to sell it or get the cash right away if you decide to sell it. We assure you the best customer service and support at our store in Houston.

Our experienced team of gold appraisers follows the below qualifying criteria.

No-cost appraisal

Get a free estimate on your gold and jewelry from our experts.

Family Owned

We have been in the market for the last 40 years, which has helped us build strong relations with our customers.

Secured Appointments

All our appointments and payments procedures are safe and secure

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Scrap Gold and Silver Buyers in Houston, TX, Paying Highest

If you want to sell your broken gold and silver jewelry, then DJP Diamonds is the right place. We accept all types of broken gold, whether it is a broken watch, neck piece, rings, or bracelets. We believe in transparency, and that is why we do all the testing and quotations in front of our customers. Our honesty makes us the most reliable gold and silver buyers in Houston.

We understand the market competition and offer the best quote for your gold and silver in Houston. Your gold and silver will get the best rate in Houston at DJP Diamonds. It is a licensed and renowned name in the market. You can expect full security and the best assistance at our stores.

Our honesty and hard work make us stand out in the market.

Yours Trusted Gold Buyers in Houston Tx

Gold and Silver Buyers in Houston from 40 Years & Counting

Becoming one of the best gold buyers in Houston has been a satisfactory journey for us. We have established a brand name in the market, and people in Houston trust us. We have always respected our customers and provided the best assistant whenever they visited our showroom.

Do not worry if you have no experience in selling gold and silver. Our experts will help you through the process and provide full support until you get the payment. Feel free to ask any question about the process or about your valuables. We will answer all your questions and try to solve your doubts about the gold and silver items and their value.

Choose Houston Jewelry Buyers To Sell Your Gold Valuables

Every client who entrusts us with their assets receives the highest level of professionalism and unrivalled customer service from our staff. We evaluate your belongings using the most dependable, cutting-edge technologies, handling precious metals and gold with diligence and care. Our goal is to establish enduring bonds with our devoted customers by providing precise evaluations and the highest caliber financial compensation.

Earn cash for gold right now. Get rid of the gold items you no longer desire or wear by selling them to one of the best gold buyers in Houston. We buy any type of gold item for a competitive cash offer and free appraisal. We make selling gold easy and profitable for each and every one of our clients.

For your appraisal, get in touch with us right now or pay a visit to speak with a member of our kind staff. The current market value of gold is the foundation for all of our gold prices. Get a gold assessment from us right now!

DJP Diamonds your #1 choice for selling silver coins, bullion, jewelry, and other silver items.

Gold and Silver Buyers in Houston value Your Item

For more than 40 years, DJP Diamonds has been among the industry’s most reputable and authorized gold and silver buyers in Houston, Texas. Our team has created an unmatched method for purchasing precious metals from all over the world. We’ll weigh and analyses your gold before providing you with an estimate. After being Houston’s gold buyer for years, we guarantee the best prices for your gold. For greatest buyback prices, bring in your leftover gold! Gold coins, bullion, jewelry, and a wide variety of gold are all purchased by us.

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Our highly dedicated team of gold appraisers will go through the metal using modern technological equipment to get you the true value.
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We are famous in the industry for paying the highest price after a proper evaluation of gold. Once the offer is accepted, we are happy to pay on the spot.
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While we try to take the time to sit down with every customer, there are times, due to the volume of business we conduct, that we are unable to spend as much time as we would like. We welcome our customers to visit our store or book prior appointments with our team. Walk-ins are also always welcome. Step inside our showroom without any hesitation so our experienced appraisers can guide you further. We are happy to make you an offer for your unwanted gold. We can match the offer you have or are ready to beat it.

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DJP Diamonds your #1 choice for selling silver coins, bullion, jewelry, and other silver items.

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DJP Diamonds buy jewelry of all kinds ranging from rings, and necklaces to bracelets and earrings.​


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Indeed, we do purchase all types of gold, including broken and scrap metal.

To assess your jewelry, our professionals use an open and honest procedure. Also, you'll
receive the greatest deal possible.

When markets are open, the price of gold fluctuates every few seconds. Market movements
on a daily and weekly basis will impact scrap gold's worth. We, as trustworthy gold buyers in
Houston, TX, may pay 80% or more for perfect, clean gold that weighs less than a few ounces. High carat gold, wearing gold, and collectible coins typically have larger payouts. Basically, demand higher quality and greater volume in exchange for a better offer. Quality counts: Collectible gold bars, designer jewelry, and coins of superior quality are more valuable.

We make sure that the testing procedure is completely safe and transparent. Your ornaments are safe with us, so you don't need to worry about anything happening to them.

Gold is a precious metal; there is no question about it. We use the best methods available to
evaluate the quality of your gold. The carat weight will determine how much money you
receive. The amount of money you will receive increases with the carat weight. Visit our
store today to receive the greatest offer.

DJP Diamonds checks the quality of the gold using a high-precision gold testing equipment. We will provide you with the finest value for your gold things and let you know how much they are exactly worth.

That isn't the case, though. Prices differ between retail locations. You won't get the value
you deserve for your gold jewelry from many people. We also take great pride in offering
the best pricing available.

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