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Our aim at DJP Diamonds – Trusted Houston Gold Buyers is to offer you efficient, respectful, and truthful gold buying services. We offer faster, more precise, and higher assured evaluations than any other gold buyers Houston, TX. Our mission is to meet all of your jewelry needs while upholding the highest ethical standards in the business.

We have built a solid reputation for delivering best gold buying services with the highest cash values after years of doing so. Since many of our new customers are referred by previous ones, our service and level of customer satisfaction are top-notch. Even if your item isn’t mentioned here, we will still give you the highest monetary value for it.

Your Trusted Gold Buyers with Over 40 Years of Industry Expertise.
Assess Gold from Experts

With years of experience and expertise, you can get an accurate appraisal and a fair price for your gold.

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Why Choose DJP Diamonds as Your Trusted Houston Gold Buyers?

When considering where to sell gold in Houston, DJP Diamonds offers an unrivaled experience. With over 40 years of expertise, DJP Diamonds is widely regarded as the best place to sell gold in Houston. We offer top dollar based on the current market value, and our free, professional appraisals are conducted by GIA-trained gemologists. This ensures you can confidently sell scrap gold for cash to us. Contact us to book an appointment or visit us directly for a seamless and satisfying gold selling experience.

Here’s why DJP Diamonds is your best choice:

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Uncover the Real Worth of Your Jewelry with DJP, Your Trusted Diamond Buyer"
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DJP Diamonds

Get the Highest Payouts for Your Scrap Gold in Houston, TX!

If you want to sell gold houston, then DJP Diamonds is the best place to sell gold. We accept all types of gold, whether it is a broken neck piece, rings, bracelets or more. We believe in transparency, and that is why we do all the testing and quotations in front of our customers. Our honesty makes us the most reliable gold bullion houston Tx.

We understand the market competition and offer the best quote for your gold in Houston. Your gold and silver will get the best rate in Houston at DJP Diamonds. It is a licensed and renowned name in the market. You can expect full security and the best assistance at our stores.

Our honesty and hard work make us stand out in the market.


Mind booking your appointment?

While we try to take the time to sit down with every customer, there are times, due to the volume of business we conduct, that we are unable to spend as much time as we would like. We welcome our customers to visit our store or book prior appointments with our team. Walk-ins are also always welcome. Step inside our showroom without any hesitation so our experienced appraisers can guide you further. We are happy to make you an offer for your unwanted gold. We can match the offer you have or are ready to beat it.


Our Three-Step Gold Purchasing Process

Tell About Gold Item On Call
You just have to type in the details requested in the form. Also, fill in the details of type of item, descriptions, etc. It is just a matter of a few minutes.
Get Gold Authenticated
Our highly dedicated team of gold appraisers will go through the metal using modern technological equipment to get you the true value.
Get Paid Same Day
We are famous in the industry for paying the highest price after a proper evaluation of gold. Once the offer is accepted, we are happy to pay on the spot.

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DJP Diamonds your #1 choice for selling silver coins, bullion, jewelry, and other silver items.

Trusted Gold Buying Experience in Houston: Our Service Commitment

Becoming one of the best gold buyers in Houston has been a satisfactory journey for us. We have established a brand name in the market, and people in Houston trust us. We have always respected our customers and provided the best assistant whenever they visited our showroom.

Do not worry if you have no experience in sell gold houston. Our experts will help you through the process and provide full support until you get the payment. Feel free to ask any question about the process or about your valuables. We will answer all your questions and try to solve your doubts about the gold and silver items and their value.

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Laurie Steiner
Laurie Steiner
I had a great experience with Danny. I was selling some jewelry and he gave me a great price and excellent service!!!
Alex Redford
Alex Redford
Most convenient and honest buyers of gold or silver pieces of jewelry and antiques. Danny gave me a better deal than several other places I shopped. These guys are my first option whether buying or selling any jewelry. Highly recommend DJP if you are in the market!
דניאל ארזי
דניאל ארזי
Amazing place
Menachem_aharon מנחם אהרונוביץ
Menachem_aharon מנחם אהרונוביץ
Good service, good prices
Snipez Immanuel
Snipez Immanuel
Best place to sell jewelry they'll give you a great price
kevin Henry
kevin Henry
ExcellentAn excellent place to sell your quality merchandise
Brittany Hamdi
Brittany Hamdi
Very professional and nice! Was very helpful and knowledgeable on selling my ring! Thank you so much!
Kate Werlein
Kate Werlein
I had a great experience selling old jewlery today , it was quick, convienent, and easy. Everyone there was helpful and nice. I loved the vintage jewlery selection. Would definitely recomend.
Greg Johnson
Greg Johnson
Finally got around to having some jewelry and watches valved for sale. DJP was my first stop and a great experience. Met with Danny and he was extremely approachable and very knowledgeable. He took the time to go over about 20 items for me (most of which were of no value, estate pieces 😉 ). I ended up selling 2 items to him outright. Overall a very smooth experience and I will return in the future with all other items I have questions about. 5 Star rating from me!
Dorian Aims
Dorian Aims
Awesome service, Cabrina was very helpful and welcoming!
DJP Diamonds Gold Buyers are Ready To Deal With Gold On Items.

Frequently Ask Questions

Indeed, we do purchase all types of gold, including broken and scrap metal.
To assess your jewelry, our professionals use an open and honest procedure. Also, you'll receive the greatest deal possible.
When markets are open, the price of gold fluctuates every few seconds. Market movements on a daily and weekly basis will impact scrap gold's worth. We, as trustworthy gold buyers in Houston, TX, may pay 80% or more for perfect, clean gold that weighs less than a few ounces. High carat gold, wearing gold, and collectible coins typically have larger payouts. Basically, demand higher quality and greater volume in exchange for a better offer. Quality counts: Collectible gold bars, designer jewelry, and coins of superior quality are more valuable.
We make sure that the testing procedure is completely safe and transparent. Your ornaments are safe with us, so you don't need to worry about anything happening to them.
We pay cash, Zelle, wire, ACH, check, gold coins and bars, silver coins and bars or store credit.
DJP Diamonds checks the quality of the gold using a high-precision gold testing equipment. We will provide you with the finest value for your gold jewelry and let you know how much they are exactly worth.
We might not be the highest price all the time but 99% of the time we will beat anybody else’s price. Lots of business refer customers to us to get a little extra then other places.

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