The average person doesn’t know much about diamonds besides them being expensive. The diamond industry is complex, but we have been in it for over 40 years. Our grading standards and evaluations go by GIA (look it up) standards. We have gemologists on site ready to evaluate and check the quality of your diamonds. The grading process can be complex when you are getting an appraisal done by someone with little experience.

Don’t risk the potential of thousands of dollars by getting a wrong appraisal on your valuables.

We have been trusted diamond appraisers and buyers since we opened our doors. We have passed down our experience and knowledge to our in-house team members to make sure that everyone that comes in gets the best experience we can provide.

Why should you trust us?

We have the latest diamond testing equipment in the industry

We invest heavily in new machinery for diamond testing

We have x-ray machines for testing

We only work with the top grade scales to make sure we evaluate your diamonds correctly

We have 4+ jewelers on site

We have 2 certified gemologists ready to inspect and consult you on your diamonds

We have 40+ years of knowledge of the business

Transparent business practices

We are bilingual ( English and Spanish )

We are fast to evaluate your diamonds

If you want to sell we will give you a fair offer that will make you want to recommend us to your friends and family.

Customer service is embedded in our business, without you there is no us.

We do FREE verbal appraisals

Come in with zero commitment to sell to us. We want to earn your business

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