Why Sell to DJP Diamonds and Gold Buyers

Looking to sell your jewelry and valuable timepieces? Its easy to buy, anyone will give you a deal. The challenge is selling. You might wonder what your necklace, rings, bracelets, diamonds are worth. You might make a few calls to shops and stores. They offer you 100 bucks for what you paid $1,000 for.

Honestly you are not happy with the offers but you cant seem to find a place that will give you an honest offer.

If this is your situation, then you are in luck. We would like to introduce you to our family business DJP Diamonds. We have been buying and selling gold, diamonds and timepieces for the last 40 years. Our integrity, transparency and customer service are the foundation to our 40+ year operation. Trusted by customers all over the world.

How are we different?

Simple. We offer transparent business and honest offers for your jewelry, gold and valuables. Working with us is easy. You are welcome to come in and bring your jewelry just to get it appraised. If you want to sell then we will make an offer. There is no commitment to sell if you come consult with us.

Have old jewelry or something you would like to get checked out by our jewelers?

Bring it in-store and get your jewelry inspected by our modern machines. We have invested heavily in providing customers with the latest technology to give the best appraisals. From scales, to x-ray machines. We will inspect your pieces with industry leading equipment, because a fraction of anything can make a huge difference in value.

Come in store for a free verbal appraisal.

Who knows, that ring you got a $100.00 offer for might be actually worth $10,000.00. You wont know until you find out, so find out before you sell.

Come to DJP Diamonds, where honest business is our motto.

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