Diamond Appraisal Vs Diamond Resale Value

Are you looking to sell your diamonds? If so, you need to have an understanding of several diamond valuations to sell them at a higher price. You might have umpteen questions that started pouring into your mind, like “what should I do? Where do I sell?” to name a few. But the most important one out of them is – How can I get the best value for my diamonds?

So, here we have come up with the nitty gritty of diamond appraisal and many more. Let’s dive deep into the world of diamond valuation and make the right decision while selling them.

What is Diamond Appraisal?

It is the process where the value and details of the diamond are analyzed. Certified appraisers carry out the diamond appraisal process and note down the specific details like its size, color, clarity, and carat weight. Furthermore, they also take the condition and branding of the diamond into account.

What is Diamond Resale Value?

Every kind of diamond comes with a resale value. But its resale value is always less than the actual amount when you first buy it. It could be due to several factors ranging from its condition to retail markup. Most cases have 20-60% of the amount as the resale value of the diamond.

How to determine the Diamond Resale Value?

The resale value of diamonds depends on the 4 C’s, namely Color, Carat, Cut, and Clarity. Color means seeing the yellow hues present in the precious piece that refrains it from looking colorless. Carat indicates the weight. The larger the diamond, the more weight it will carry. The shape of the diamond is called cut. Generally, people prefer diamond pieces that reflect more light. Clarity depicts the flaws or number of inclusions, and it is measured on the scale.

factors that determine the resale value of diamonds

Why does Diamond Value Vary?

Diamond market value varies as same as the values of other luxurious goods. It has been found that if you sell the diamond to the first buyer, it is bound to experience depreciation as compared to its original price. There are very rare diamonds that come under unique or vintage pieces that do not lose their value. Rather, their value increases over time.

Diamond Grading vs. Diamond Appraising: Know the difference

Now let’s understand about diamond appraisal vs diamond resale value in more detail. 

You may have heard the terms like diamond appraisal and diamond resale value. Although they both seem similar yet fetches different purposes. A diamond appraisal gives you a detailed description and value of your diamond, having all the information listed in the appraisal certificate. A certified professional evaluate your diamond piece thoroughly and prepares the appraisal document. They also consider the current retail values of the jewelry in the market. It is seen that the appraisal value of a diamond is always more than its resale value. 

Diamond grading is done if you want to resale your diamond. The grading amount reflects the price which a buyer can pay for your invaluable piece, also called diamond resale value. It is determined by taking the price of other similar diamonds into account and checking their prices in the wholesale market. This way, you can find the value you can receive if you sell such pieces to a jewelry-buying store.

How to Sell Diamonds at the Best Price?

You can increase the value of your diamond by keeping a few things in mind. Clean it at regular intervals. Restore it to get rid of breakages and cracks. It is advisable to always sell your diamonds to reputable buyers like Houston Diamond Buyers – DJP Diamonds. Professionals appraise diamonds exclusively using authentic tools and give you the best value for your charming gemstones.


Diamonds have a resale value and other different valuations. And if you want to sell them, you will surely get the money. However, you need to get in touch with reliable diamond buyers to get true worth. If you have been thinking the same, DJP Diamonds is right here to help you. We promise to give you the best possible price on your jewelry once you come to sell the diamond pieces to us. 

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Frequently Asked Questions​

The jewelers buy the diamond pieces in bulk at wholesale prices, which are far less than the retail ones. Retail prices become higher because it also takes overhead costs of running a business, like rent and salaries of the employees, into account. Thus, it is the principal reason for having a low resale value of diamonds.

The value of jewelry depreciates over time. The older the diamond appraisal, the less accurate its value is. Jewelry appraisers advise keeping updating your diamond appraisal every two to three years.

Yes, you can. If you don’t have proper documentation of your luxurious possession, or don’t want to get the documents, you don’t need to worry. You can still get a fair share of the price for your jewelry. You just need to sell it to reputable diamond buyers.

A round diamond is said to have the most value as compared to other shapes of similar clarity, color, and carat weight, as it reflects more light and requires more raw material.

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