How Much Is My Watch Worth?

Do you own a high-end wristwatch? If so, you are truly expressing your luxurious lifestyle and artistry of the design. Watch brands like Cartier or Rolex are immensely popular among the people and are regarded as status symbols. The pieces are designed with a combination of craftsmanship and technical skills. The individual resale value of every piece varies to a large extent.

Now you must be wondering if that is the case, how much is my watch worth? Well, there is not one pre-defined factor that impacts the watch value, but plenty of them. Here we have come up with such factors that will speed up the process of knowing the worth of your watch. Let’s get started.

Factors That Determine the Watch Value

Evaluate the Condition of Your Watch

The condition of the watch is the supreme factor in answering how much is my watch worth. Your watch is a priceless and delicate possession that can cause damage to its numerous mechanics, if not handled correctly. And you don’t want to get its luxurious value diminished, right? Getting it regularly serviced will give you the power to sell it at a higher price. So, take it for regular servicing to keep it intact and increase its value.

Furthermore, find the answers to the questions like – Is there any missing part in your watch? Has it been altered at any point with aftermarket parts? All this will help in evaluating the value of your watch and hence getting its best price.

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Brand and Reference Number

Watch market value of a branded piece is more than any generic brand. Some brands having popularity amongst the crowd are – Rolex, Cartier, Audemars Piguet, Chopard, and Patek Philippe. Knowing the reference number also helps to identify the watch model as a whole. It helps in getting information like the type of watch, dial, and material.

Utilize the Box and Papers

The value of an old watch becomes manifold if you have kept its packaging safe and maintained. The warranty papers of the watch should be correctly filled by the issuers. It makes it easy to determine the watch’s value when you decide to sell it. The original documentation has a major role that adds a huge 20-50% to your second-hand watch price. It explains that your watch is authentic.

Making Value Assessments Using Online Resources

The last step in finding “how do I find the value of a vintage watch” is paying attention to online resources and online reviews. You should analyze the websites of watch brands, collector forums and boards, auction sites, and model-launch press releases. Online resources will help make a correct value assessment of your watch. You can get in touch with the

Auction sites

The pricing on the auction sites is based on past transactions. But you should know about the buyer’s premium in the case of winning bid. It will give you an idea about the worth of your possession


Real inventory is quite challenging to find on the websites of the dealers. They use stock images that manufacturers provide them and use them for watches they don’t have in stock. This is the reason that you should not put your trust in the asking prices for watches with “stock” photos.

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Get Appraisal on your watch

Finding the true worth of the watch could be a daunting task for many. This is where DJP Diamonds come in to provide you with excellent watch appraisal services. Our experts will review your watch by researching its history, authenticate the case, dial and movement and let you give the best appraisal price for it. Our professionalism is enough to meet your highest expectations.


The above-mentioned factors will help you accurately evaluate the worth of your piece. Once you are done with the research part on your own, you must get the advice of the professionals for the seamless process and then decide if you want to sell your watch or not. Book your appointment with DJP Diamonds for the same and you will definitely get a happy experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get your watch formally appraised with the help of professional jewelers. They will research your timepiece well and will let you know its true value. If you have a proper box, reference number, and serial number of the watch and everything is kept in good condition, you are definitely going to get a good amount of money.

Luxurious watch from the brands like Rolex, Cartier, Omega, Breitling, Audemars Piguet, Patek Philippe, Richard Mille, and Jager LeCoultre holds the most value.

If your watch is real and vintage, check its serial number on the case and bracelet. Both of them should be exactly similar. Sometimes, you can find the serial number on a sticker behind the dial. This will tell you if your watch is vintage and real or not.

The watches that are at least 20 years old are classified as vintage pieces.

Several reasons make people want to invest their money in luxurious items like watches. If you keep your watch maintained for many years, its value might appreciate over time and it also doesn’t take up a lot of space. If the originality, model, metal condition, and functionality of the watch are top-notch, it is advisable to treat it as a collectible. Hence, branded watches definitely come under collectibles.

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