How to sell a Rolex? The Ultimate Guide to Selling your Rolex

The market for luxury watches is going up. And which brand comes first to your mind when we tell you to think about luxury watches? Most people will answer it as Rolex. It holds a commendable reputation in the watch industry. And if you own one, congratulations! You are having one of the smartest investments of your life. So, if you are in dire need of money, you can consider selling it to fulfill your money requirements. But how to sell a Rolex to get its best price possible? Don’t worry. We have come up with an in-depth guide to let you know about the things you need to consider before selling your Rolex watch.

Let’s dive in.

Things to consider before selling your Rolex watch

sell rolex watch

Collect original papers & box

Before you go ahead with selling your Rolex watch, find the original papers and box of the same. Not to mention that you can sell your watch even without original documents, but including the original packaging will fetch you more money. And who doesn’t love more money with only a little efforts? Attach the manuals, warranties, or any extra papers that came with your possession. Including all the original items with it makes it look more authentic.

Reference Number

Having the original receipt and the original cost of the watch are important things. But you don’t have any of them, you are not alone. We have a solution for you. Your watch has the reference number or model number engraved on it. It is a four to six-digit number. You can see it after removing the watch band. You can also find the same on the original documents or wristwatch manual that came along with it. If you want to get the best deal, gather as much information as you can as far as your watch is concerned.

How you can find the reference number on your watch? It is located at the side of the 12 o’clock between the lugs. You need to remove the bracelet to fetch the number. And if you are unable to do so, a jeweler can help you with this.

Serial Number

It is the unique number assigned to every individual watch. When you decide to sell a rolex watch, you can collect plenty of information just by knowing its serial number. However, keep in mind not to reveal the serial number to anyone other than the jeweler. The reason is – counterfeited watches are common these days and you don’t want someone to make a copy of your watch, right? Having said that, you can find the serial number on the basis of how old it is. For instance – If you are having a model made in 2004 or earlier, the serial number will be engraved on its case. You need to remove the watch band to see the serial number. The watches made in 2005 or after it, have the serial number written on the ring between the dial and the crystal. It could also be located at the 6’o clock side of the case.

Both the serial number and reference numbers tell you the key information pieces like metal type, model, bezel style, etc.

Market and Resale Value

You are going to sell this timeless possession to a jeweler or a dealer. And they could resale it further for a profit. This means that you might be getting less cash as compared to how much your jeweler is selling it for. There is no denying the fact the value of Rolex doesn’t depreciate much, but you have to be careful about which model you own. You don’t want to own an unwanted model or duplicate model and get less price. So, while researching, don’t forget to check its market value.

Know what is your Rolex watch’s worth?

Saving all the original documents and receipts of the watch will give you its better worth. Having any maintenance or repair receipts? Bring them with you. It proves that you take care of your priceless possessions in a good way, thereby increasing the amount the jewelers will be able to pay you.

Rolex’s worth depends on several factors like its model, age, type of metal, and condition, to name a few. An average person may find it difficult to determine the exact value of the watch. So, it is advisable getting it done with the help of a trusted jeweler. This is the best way to sell a Rolex that can give you the worth you want.

Sell your Rolex Watches to trusted Buyers

Finding someone who deals with buying the watches can be quite tricky. Research thoroughly and find trusted buyers if you are wondering how to sell a used Rolex watch

Sell your rolex watch

Find a Reputable Dealer

A reputable dealer is one who has been in the business for five years or more. DJP Diamonds is one such reputable dealer who has been in this business for more than 40 years. Our professionals make it seamless for you to sell your luxurious watches. The other noteworthy points of a trusted dealer are –

Honesty and Integrity

Honesty, and integrity form the foundation of the business. If the business stands for what they believe in, you can consider selling your Rolex to it


The reputation of the business is its most invaluable asset. Its brand reputation is the thing that attracts customers and makes the business profitable. Getting in touch with the business and having a good reputation is the key to getting the most out of your requirement. Our professionals have remarkable knowledge of the buying industry and can live up to your expectations of selling your watch.


Before proceeding with selling, you should check the reviews of the dealers on the internet or anywhere where you can find them. If the business is flooded with good reviews, you can go ahead with selling.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can book an appointment online and sell your Rolex to DJP Diamonds to get the best worth.

The best way to sell your Rolex is to find a trusted jeweler who can make the sale hassle-free for you and will give you its actual worth.

You will need to have its original papers, box, serial number, reference number, and maintenance or repair receipts (if any).

You can sell your Rolex to trusted dealers or jewelers like DJP diamonds to get its best price.

Yes. The resale value becomes more if the watch has the original paperwork, receipt, and all the documents associated with it.

DJP Diamonds – One-stop solution to sell your Rolex watches

Keeping the above-mentioned steps in mind will give you all the detailed information about selling your luxury good. And DJP diamonds have been proving their worth in this field for more than 40 years. We take pride in providing fair prices to our customers. We are counted as the highest-paying firm in terms of diamond watches and Rolex watches buyers. If you want the best price for your jewelry luxury watch possessions, come to us.

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